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Who knew leaks could be costing Americans $5 billion every year? And that's not water leaks -- it's leaks you can't even see. Typical air duct systems, both residential and commercial, typically lose 25-40 percent of heating and cooling energy, accounting for billions added to utility bills.

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 Aeroseal, a technology used for sealing leaky ductwork, has been selected as one of the year’s best new home products in This Old House magazine’s Top 100 Best New Products for 2011 awards. Chosen for its impact on home energy savings and comfort, Aeroseal won top honors in the competition’s “home technology” category

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 A new process available now can seal your ductwork.  The process is called AERO-SEAL. This process was designed at UC Berkley its goal is to eliminate the air that leaks from your ductwork behind the drywall and plaster.  When completed your home will be more evenly tempered and your energy bills will be less.  But it also improves your indoor air quality. By sealing the leaks, dust and dirt that can be sucked through the return line is also reduced. You can find more information at

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A 23-story high rise apartment building in Camden, New Jersey has reduced its utility bill $37,000 a year by replacing dampers and sealing leaks in the building’s exhaust duct system with Aeroseal – a new duct sealing solution developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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