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**Save Money and Enhance Comfort with Aeroseal Technology**

- **Cost-Efficient Energy Savings**: Experience significant reductions in energy bills by sealing duct leaks with Aeroseal, effectively cutting duct leakage by up to 90%.
- **Revolutionary Sealing Method**: Aeroseal's unique technology efficiently seals gaps up to 5/8" from the inside, making it a standout solution in both commercial and residential settings.
- **UL Approved and Certified**: Trust in the safety and quality of Aeroseal, which comes with a 10-year warranty for residential use and a 3-year warranty for commercial applications.

**Ready to Transform Your HVAC Efficiency?**
Contact us at 732 213 2302 or email for more information and to experience the Aeroseal difference.

American Aldes CAR Grills

**The Premier Global Provider of Ventilation Solutions**

As the most trusted provider in the ventilation industry for both residential and commercial markets, we at EFlow and American Aldes are committed to enhancing indoor environments. Our approach combines energy savings with a focus on healthy living spaces, setting us apart in the industry.

**A Collaboration for Sustainable and Healthy Buildings**
Working hand-in-hand with builders, developers, engineers, architects, and government officials, we're dedicated to pioneering energy-efficient and health-focused building designs. Our efforts extend globally, ensuring that every project we undertake contributes to sustainable development and improved indoor air quality.

Video Inspection


At City Ventilations LLC, we offer more than just an estimate of your ductwork's condition. Our expertly trained technicians provide a comprehensive and detailed examination of your duct system.

**High-Definition Insight**
- **Narrative HD Video and Color Imaging**: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we deliver high-definition, color videos, and clear photographs, narratively explaining the condition of your ductwork.
- **Uncover Hidden Problems**: Our advanced equipment skillfully detects and documents any issues within your ducts, including dust accumulation, gaps, blockages, and other less apparent concerns.

This thorough approach ensures that you receive a complete and transparent view of your duct system's health, empowering you to make informed decisions for optimal efficiency and air quality.

Fabric Duct Work


**Discover the Advantages of Fabric Ducts**

Fabric ducts offer a range of benefits, making them an ideal choice for various environments:

- **Even Air Distribution**: Experience draft-free comfort with evenly distributed air, ensuring consistent climate control.
- **Cost-Effective Installation**: Save up to 50-70% on installation costs compared to traditional ductwork.
- **Versatile and Lightweight**: Perfect for structures with limited load-bearing capacity or temporary setups like tents and industrial facilities.
- **Flexible Design**: Easily reconfigurable for different spaces or needs, offering custom solutions for any setting.
- **Condensation-Free**: Innovative design eliminates the need for insulation against condensation, ideal for cold air delivery systems.
- **Compact and Eco-Friendly**: Reduced shipping costs and minimized storage space, thanks to lightweight and compact packaging.
- **Durable and Moisture-Resistant**: Our polyester materials resist moisture absorption, preventing corrosion and ensuring longevity, even in high humidity environments like pools and water parks.
- **Easy Maintenance and Installation**: Zippered sections for simple installation and removal. Machine washable for easy cleaning, with the added benefit of acting as an air filter.
- **Customizable Aesthetics**: Available in a range of colors and the option to add logos, enhancing the atmosphere of your space.


Hvac Full Services

**New HVAC System Installation: Expert Solutions for Your Comfort**

**Comprehensive Installation Services**
- **Residential and Commercial**: Whether it's a new build or an existing structure, we specialize in installing HVAC systems in both residential houses and commercial buildings.
- **Professional Team**: Our skilled team expertly installs new duct systems and utilizes Aeroseal technology to seal leaks, ensuring cost savings in materials and labor.

**Wide Range of Equipment Brands**
- **Diverse Brand Compatibility**: We work with various top equipment brands like TRANE, MITSUBISHI, GOODMAN, CARRIER, FUJITSU and more, providing you with a range of quality options.

**High-Efficiency Systems for Green Buildings**
- **Eco-Friendly Solutions**: Our expertise in installing high-efficiency HVAC systems makes us a perfect fit for green residential and commercial buildings.

**Trusted by Industry Leaders**
- **Proven Excellence**: Explore our references from leading engineering, consulting, and construction companies across New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

**Repair, Replacement, or Upgrade Services**
- **Comprehensive Care**: From diagnosing and fixing issues to system replacements, we ensure your living space is comfortable and efficient.
- **Upgrades for Enhanced Comfort and Health**: We offer upgrades to more efficient systems for improved air quality and comfort, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV lights, various filters, Energy Star thermostats, zoning systems, and Aeroseal leak sealing.

Duct Less Mini Split System

**Mini-Split Systems: Versatile Heating and Cooling Solutions**

Mini-split systems offer an efficient and flexible option for both heating and cooling, especially suitable for:

- **Home Additions and Specific Areas**: Ideal for heating or cooling particular areas like a single floor or a specific wing of your home.
- **Homes Without Air Ducts**: These systems are perfect for properties lacking traditional ductwork.
- **Independent Temperature Control**: Each mini-split system provides localized control, allowing for different temperature settings in different areas.
- **Minimal Disruption During Installation**: Adding mini-split systems to homes without existing ductwork is easy and minimally invasive, preserving your interior space's integrity.

Discover the convenience and efficiency of mini-split systems, and see how they can enhance your home's comfort with minimal disruption.



**Customized Comfort with Zoning Solutions for Offices**

In commercial and light commercial office settings, individual comfort preferences can vary greatly. Addressing the common complaints of being "too hot" or "too cold," zoning presents an effective solution.

**Personalized Temperature Control**: By equipping each office with its own thermostat, zoning allows individuals to adjust their environment to their preferred comfort level. This approach not only enhances employee satisfaction but also increases overall productivity.

**Cost-Effective and Simple**: Implementing zoning is a straightforward and economical way to address diverse temperature preferences in office settings.

Explore how our zoning solutions can transform your office into a space of personalized comfort and efficiency.