Frequently Asked Questions - Commercial

Why Seal Ducts in Commercial Buildings?

Sealing ducts improves air balance, thermal distribution, and compliance with building codes. It effectively reduces cross-contamination and enhances indoor air quality.

**Energy Savings with Aeroseal**
Aeroseal's innovative sealing process can save 10-40% on HVAC energy, depending on building size and initial duct leakage. Use our Aeroseal Energy Savings Calculator for precise estimates and enjoy significant ROI within 1-4 years.

**Identifying Duct Leaks**
Discover duct leaks through Test and Balance reports or Aeroseal's specialized leakage tests. Ensure optimal airflow and energy efficiency in your building.

**The Aeroseal Process: Innovative and Efficient**
Our unique process seals ducts internally without coating interiors, using a monitored sealing method that ensures precision and effectiveness.

**About Aeroseal**
A JMD Corporation subsidiary, Aeroseal holds exclusive licensing for this revolutionary aerosol-based duct sealing technology from the University of California.

**Sealant Safety**
Our sealant, comprising mostly water and vinyl acetate polymer, is safe, non-toxic, and UL-listed for smoke and flame spread, ensuring no adverse health effects.

**Durability of Aeroseal Seals**
Aeroseal's sealing is proven to last, backed by rigorous testing and a 3-year commercial warranty.

**Sealing Capacity**
We efficiently seal leaks up to 5/8 inches, with larger leaks managed through alternative methods for optimal results.

**Duct Types Suitable for Aeroseal**
Our technology is versatile, sealing various ductwork types, with customized approaches for different materials to ensure maximum effectiveness.

**Handling VAV Boxes and Dampers**
Aeroseal carefully manages sealant application in complex systems, including VAV boxes and fire/smoke dampers, adhering to stringent safety protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions -Residential

**Aeroseal Air Duct Sealing: Precision and Efficiency**
- **Sealing Capability**: Aeroseal effectively seals holes and cracks up to 5/8th of an inch, ensuring airtight ducts for optimal HVAC performance.
- **Diagnostic and Inspection**: Our comprehensive inspection identifies leaks and measures air circulation, revealing the true condition of your duct system.
- **Estimated Savings**: Homeowners can save up to $850 annually on energy bills. The EPA-endorsed "Duct Investor" program provides personalized cost-saving estimates.
- **Sealing Process**: Aeroseal's patented process, involving preseal testing, aerosol injection, and precise computer monitoring, is endorsed by the University of California and the EPA for its effectiveness and safety.
- **Material Durability**: Our vinyl sealing material remains flexible and durable, proven to last over 10 years without failure.
- **Pre-Sealing Preparation**: Generally, duct cleaning isn't required before sealing, but an Aeroseal contractor will assess and advise as needed.
- **Material Safety**: Our sealant, primarily water-based with safe chemical components, is UL-listed for safety and leaves no harmful residue or odor.
- **System Improvement**: Aeroseal enhances heating and A/C system performance, ensuring consistent temperatures and reducing utility bills by up to 40%.
- **Noise Reduction**: We address noise issues from ductwork, customizing solutions to reduce airflow and coil-related sounds.
- **Dust Reduction**: By sealing up to 90% of duct leaks, Aeroseal significantly reduces dust and indoor air pollutants in your home.
- **Guarantee**: Aeroseal offers a 10-year warranty on our seals, backed by extensive research and minimal warranty claims to date.